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Copyright and Privacy Policy

We're not lawyers so we won't bore you with pages upon pages of legalese that you can't understand and likely won't read but we do have some principles that we work by and we want to make them clear for everyone because our audience is the reason we can keep doing what we do, and keeping the trust of our audience is important to us.

First and foremost, all articles and comic strips posted, unless specified otherwise, are the shared property of Kevin Cheng and Tom Chi. These include articles in the main site as well as the features section. Postings in the Jobs and Resources sections are simply links to useful information provided by others. They exist as a convenience to our readers but do not belong to OK/Cancel and we are not responsible for content changes or inaccuracies there. You do not have permission to copy these works and you definitely don't have the right to sell them or otherwise make them commercially available. However, if you , any non-profit use will more than likely be permitted.

Regarding comments left on our site, we do appreciate the engaging discussions we often get out of our threads. Please note that all comments left on the site do belong to OK/Cancel, though. What this clarification means is that, if we were to publish our works, we can publish selected comments as well. Some threads are much more rich in their discussion than the just original article. If such a scenario arises, we will make attempts to contact the authors of the comments.

Finally, regarding spam. We really don't like spam. We hate spam, in fact. The canned meat is ok but e-mail spam belongs in it's own category in hell. Thus, we will never, ever, ever, sell your e-mail addresses whether they are on our mailing list or on a comment you left for us. Having said that, while we take some measures to encode your e-mail in the commenting section, the spamming powers that be are wily and cunning and may devise bots that can still interpret your e-mail address there. We like the option of being able to continue discussions with you over e-mail but just in case, we're now permitting people to leave comments without leaving their e-mail address.

Jobs @ OK/Cancel

Our Jobs @ OK/Cancel section is a consolidation of publicly available job postings found on mailing lists and websites. We are providing this aggregation as a central source for our readers to see recent job postings in our domain. Where possible, we endeavour to modify submission e-mail addresses to prevent bot spam. Job posting sent directly to us will also be posted if appropriate ( us).

OK/Cancel reserves the right to reject any submissions without explanation. Generally, we will accept any job postings for anywhere around the world that include but are not limited to:

Information provided in the job postings are provided as is and without any guarantee on accuracy. OK/Cancel also does not specifically endorse any company posted in the Jobs section.

OK/Cancel is a comic strip collaboration co-written and co-illustrated by Kevin Cheng and Tom Chi. Our subject matter focuses on interfaces, good and bad and the people behind the industry of building interfaces - usability specialists, interaction designers, human-computer interaction (HCI) experts, industrial designers, etc.