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Fixing an Old-School Site Controlled By a “Webmaster”

July 22nd, 2005 by Dirk Knemeyer :: 5 Comments

_Dirk Knemeyer is a founding principal of Involution Studios LLC, based in Silicon Valley and Boston. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the , the AIGA Center for Brand Experience, and the Executive Committee for the User Experience Network. He publishes articles and audio programs at his personal website, www.knemeyer.com._

From research and scoping to implementation and management, the components of successful interface design span many specialties and practitioners. But often the most challenging problems are not about the design, they are about organizational management and people. Here is one scenario and potential solution, to assist in your implementation of successful interface design.

##The Lowdown:
__Organization type__: Large, brick-and-mortar, relatively early adopters who began moving onto the web in the mid-1990s

__State of their website today__: Poor. Reflects 1990’s-era website design, with unsophisticated graphics, little-or-no apparent formal information architecture, limited adherence to current standards or best practices

__Web workflow structure__: Centralized, typically page-by-page HTML-based publication

__Web ownership/control__: Variable, but often split between marketing/communications (content, look-and-feel) and IT (functionality/hosting)

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