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Kevin Cheng  

It Bugs Me, It Bugs Me Not

July 15th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng :: 21 Comments

There are weeks when I write about a topic that I simply feel should not need to be written. In those weeks, I might decry some user experience design faux pas which seems so blatant that I feel like as big an idiot for even mentioning it. It’s like saying, “it’s bad for business to lock your doors such that people can’t get in your store.” Doesn’t need to be said, right? Anyone writing about that would get laughed out the door because … who does that?

Yet here I am, talking about people locking the store front doors on their web sites.

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PressDisplay : Speaking of online newspaper registrations, here's an interesting (though not necessarily good) interface for reading of print papers. It also requires registration for anything beyond the front page but covers pretty much any major newspaper (from 225 countries apparently). - 2 Comments
Creative Commons Critique : Following on our discussion last week about usability and legalese, there's a great article on how Creative Commons has some unanswered questions. You'll notice we don't use CC here not because we don't like what they're trying to accomplish but because we don't think it's really working/helping anything in its current implementation. - 6 Comments

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