David Heller  

OK, I Made the G-d Damn Switch!

May 27th, 2005 by David Heller :: 62 Comments

_David Heller is the Principal Product Designe of Intralinks and a Steering Committee Member of the Interaction Design Group._

I have to admit, I was really, really excited when I finally got approval to upgrade my entire design group of 3 to new 15″ Apple PowerBooks.

“Just look at them,” I thought. “They ARE GORGEOUS!!!” And besides, I have been sitting on the sidelines for years as designer after designer raved about how much better Mac OS is than Windows.

I did come up with more official rationales, some of which actually make sense and I want to list them here as the bulk of the article is negative and I want to make sure people understand that while this is trashing the whole “switch” experience, this is not a full-on trashing of Apple, MacOS X, or PowerBooks.

So my rationale for making the switch:

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Tom Chi  

Beep Beep Beep

May 29th, 2005 by Tom Chi :: 17 Comments

Now that Heller has given us a sensible rundown of his mac switch, I’ve decided to write about my own switch experience… y’know, to maximize redundancy.

I’ll sidestep all that cost-benefit hoo-hah, since for my switch, the price was right (i.e. company paid for everything). So as of 6 weeks ago I became the proud owner of a 15″ powerbook. Since I didn’t need to buy it or the software on it, I was able to focus just on the experience. This is a good thing because if I had to pay for the experience I’ve had, I’d be flipping tables.

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