Deciding What to See at CHI2005
Kevin Cheng  

Confessions of a CHI Paper Submission

February 25th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng :: 1 Comment

As with last year, OK/Cancel will be attending the ACM-CHI conference as press representatives. This year’s theme is Technology, Safety, Community. Tom will be talking more about what we’re going to do there or rather what you’d like us to do.

Unlike last year, I will be attending the conference with another hat - that of a presenter. I’m pleased to say that my paper, “Behaviour, Realism and Immersion in Games” has been accepted in the Late breaking Results Short Paper category.

This is my first published work and most likely, in strictly academic circles, will be my last for a little while as I focus more on the industry side of things for awhile. I don’t claim to be an expert of any sort with this one submission and clearly with the number of submissions that go through annually, I don’t feel any more qualified than the next person - it’s really quite a crap shoot. However, I thought I’d share my submission experience with everyone, brief as it was. I will not discuss the thesis itself, though, as that’s to be saved for the conference itself.

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Jef Raskin passes at 61 : A sad, sad, day. - Comment »
Tom Chi  

CHI 2005 Press

February 28th, 2005 by Tom Chi :: 3 Comments

Well CHI 2005 is coming up (advance registration closes on Mar 14), and KC and I will be attending as “press”. This means we get to wear pencils behind our ears and ask the hard questions. This year promises to be interesting with the opening and closing speakers covering inter-disciplinary collaboration and showing off novel input devices for live electronic performance (sweet.). Beyond this, there are scores of excellent papers, but sadly only two OK/Cancel reporters. So we need to figure out who to interview, and in an effort to appear somewhat democratic, we’re opening the floor to our readers.

Here are the panels and papers being presented this year. Go ahead and poke around, and send us your suggestions for who to interview. KC will then crunch the numbers in his remarkable TabletPC contabulator device, and within a couple weeks we might have some stories or comics on those research areas. Voila!

On an unrelated note, I might need to bum a ride — if any one is driving in from Seattle. In exchange, maybe you get some pseudo-rare OK/C HCI superhero trading cards(!)

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