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Kevin Cheng  

Why Technology Matters but Shouldn’t

November 12th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 8 Comments

In Bill Watterson’s _Calvin and Hobbes_, Calvin often fantasized about becoming Tracer Bullet, the private investigator, whenever he was confronted with a particularly nasty problem (the really tough ones went to Spaceman Spiff).

As HCI practitioners, we’re frequently confronted with situations where Tracer Bullet could probably be of some assistance. In the ideal case, HCI proposes interactions independent of technological limitations but today, you’re either Tracer Bullet, with the technical background to backup your interface ideas, or you’re just regular 6yr old Calvin, with no say in what happens.

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Don Norman  

“The Don” Reveals All: Part 2

November 14th, 2004 by Don Norman :: 3 Comments

Dear Dr. Norman,

Do you prefer Macintosh or perhaps Red Delicious? I must admit though, Granny Smith is difficult to top for baking purposes…


For years I preferred Macintosh, but then they went into a long period of poor crops, so I switched away. (They recently have regained their old sprightliness and taken on a new edge, so I have started sampling them again.) I switched to Fuji and then had a brief fling with Gala. But the current favorite is Jonagold, a hybrid. Hybrids are often to be preferred: too much reliance on a single form is dangerous: and subject to drift, and invasion by pests. Hybrids are more stable.

Baking is different. For baking I prefer OK/cancel because its tartness survives even intense heat.

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