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Kevin Cheng  

OK/Cancel Store Opens

September 24th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 8 Comments

As promised last week, we have more to celebrate our first year. The OK/Cancel Store is open featuring three T-shirt designs! We hope to add more designs and other merchandise in the future but it all depends on the demand for this set. Any feedback on the shirts are also welcome. If you have any questions regarding orders, please e-mail me or Tom.

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Kevin Cheng  

Culture and Websites: Not Believing in Aaron Marcus’s Dimensions of Culture and Global Web Design

September 24th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 14 Comments

Internationalization has become a very popular topic around web design. Designers are becoming more aware of the global scale of websites and are taking into account different language character sets, date formats and currencies. The more subtle effects of culture, however, are less evident. In an attempt to study these factors, Aaron Marcus and Emilie W. Gould (pdf) discuss how Hofstede’s cultural dimensions of power-distance (PD), individual vs. collectivism (IC), masculinity vs. femininity (MAS) and uncertainty avoidance (UA) and long term vs. short term orientation (LTO) may apply to global web sites.

As an exercise, I looked at several corporate and consumer websites that might illustrate - or perhaps contradict - the patterns Marcus and Gould described.

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Google Answers HCI PhD Program : Google Answers: PhD programs in Human Compuer Interaction. **Explanation of comments** (Oct 4) This page now shows up as #1 for “cancel google”. I initially deleted all comments related to that but eventually found it so amusing that I had to let them through. I get a chuckle out of the “don’t be evil” mantra and then reading these comments. **Welcome MeFi and other people** (Oct 19) Oddly, today I had the thought that the page's humour could probably get dugg with a description of "Google not evil?" or some such and as soon as I thought of that, I noticed all the comments were looking more like parodies (though it's hard to spot the difference when the original comments can be rather … obtuse). I soon realized that MeFi had posted a link to the page causing a slight implosion of our dear service providers. In any case, when I noticed this page's activity a year ago, I also found a mildly entertaining game for myself. I discovered that searching for "cancel" in conjunction with just about any word that I'd written as an article title had us showing up as one of the top ten sites. I should write a post about AOL … - 169 Comments
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