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Tom Chi  

Theoretical Limits to Data Enjoyment

September 17th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: 11 Comments

Listening to a certain Rap song, I get 3 mintes and 35 seconds of enjoyment using 3,448,832 bytes of data. This translates to a data rate of about 16K/sec. Given that this is the data rate that I enjoy most of my music at, within a waking lifetime, I can handle about 25TB (assuming 80 years of non-stop rocking out without repeats).

Today, plenty of computers ship with 200GB HDs, and given a doubling rate of disk space of about 15 months, it will take 9 years before HDs are shipping that can hold more than a lifetime of music. In practice, no one can really listen to 25TB of mp3s so we’ll reach the mark even sooner (if not already).

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Kevin Cheng  

A Review of UCLIC

September 18th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 7 Comments

UCLIC (pronounced You-Click) stands for the University College London Interaction Centre. I attended their MSc in Human-Computer Interaction and Ergonomics, a joint program between Computer Science and Psychology, this past year. As promised, to aid others in selecting their program in the future, I am giving a full review of the program. This review is going to be straight forward and honest. That’s to say UCLIC are not endorsing the review and I am simply expressing my views of the program, both positive and negative.

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Kevin Cheng  

Happy Birthday OK/Cancel!

September 19th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 5 Comments

OK/Cancel is one year old today. As Tom likes to say, we are certain that we are now the longest running and best HCI-themed comic strip on the internet (and even the Internet). We have a few things planned to celebrate in the coming week so stay tuned.

In the meantime, it’s time for another contest!

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OK/Cancel is a comic strip collaboration co-written and co-illustrated by Kevin Cheng and Tom Chi. Our subject matter focuses on interfaces, good and bad and the people behind the industry of building interfaces - usability specialists, interaction designers, human-computer interaction (HCI) experts, industrial designers, etc. (Who Links Here) ?