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Kevin Cheng  

A Day in the Life of HCI

July 23rd, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 7 Comments

When I speak to some smaller firms about HCI, I often get a response on the lines of, “that sounds great, but we only have one or two projects so there isn’t really enough work for a full-time HCI.” On some days, I have a lapse and actually nod in agreement. On other days, I think back to some projects I’ve worked on and recall how I spent all of my time on a single project from requirements to release and not only had enough work - I had too much work. Certainly, underestimating the amount of work a job takes is nothing new. Programmers have had to live with managers under allocating time for development and testing for years. In HCI, however, the difference isn’t by days, it’s by months. How is such a massive disconnect possible? To answer this question, I decided to look at what a typical project cycle was like for me, and what tasks I did.

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