Sure, We Listen
Kevin Cheng  

Sure, We Listen

June 18th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 20 Comments

I was sitting in a meeting with my program manager and a few developers. The meeting was a routine triage to go through the issues database, discuss progress and assign new issues. An HCI issue comes up and the match begins. Ding Ding! I give the first blow by providing an informed opinion and decision on the matter. Bam! The PM disagrees with me based on, so far as I could tell, personal bias. Pow! I deliver what I believe to be the knockout blow with user research data. Whack! What’s this? The PM is back up and he’s called in reinforcements. He calls another usability person in our team and asks for her opinion. Whap! Only to find she supports the decision and delivers the knockout. The PM sulkily walks away, defeated at last.

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