Kevin Cheng  

After the Online Purchase

June 11th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 8 Comments

We’ve talked about catch phrases like Life Experience and designing for more than just the user experience but let’s step back now and talk about what the user experience means in the online shopping world. When we design an e-commerce website, we often look at factors such as stickiness, drop out rates, conversion to sale ratios and many other factors. Designing a solid online experience is no small feat and designing an enjoyable one is even more challenging.

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Designing Interfaces for Tablet PC : Designing a usable interface for a Tablet PC program is considerably trickier than simply drawing blue lines across a yellow background and calling it a legal pad. - Comment »
Tom Chi  


June 16th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: 6 Comments

Not surprisingly, after just a couple days OK/Cancel dominates searches for the word “tomostan.” Probably more surprising is that we are near the top for a search on “OK.” Of course, very few people search for a word like “OK”, but it’s pretty entertaining to own such a ubiquitous word especially when others are busy fighting over nigritude ultramarine. We are at a curious inflection point in the history of human knowledge. Search is becoming a more and more relevant navigation approach and displacing classical information structures.

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90% of All Usability Testing is Useless : Tongue-in-cheek title of an article on how traditional usability is misapplied for the web. - Comment »

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