April Tools
Kevin Cheng  

April Tools

April 2nd, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 6 Comments

Happy day after April Fool’s. As the HCI/Usability site with a sense of humour, it was probably our responsibility to report something substantial like Jakob Nielsen partnering with Jared Spool or Jared officially changing his name to LL Spool J. Sadly, we can only offer suggestions on how you as an HCI practitioner might have gone about celebrating this mischievous day. We take no responsibility for your actions, nor your children’s for that matter.

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Tom Chi  

Gmail in Detail

April 2nd, 2004 by Tom Chi :: 16 Comments

So there was a lot of buzz yesterday around Gmail: the gigabyte web-based email service announced by Google on April 1st. While other Google annoucements that day were met with an appropriate amount of skepticism (the Lunar Base for example), Gmail seems to have caught many a techie’s imagination. The main question is: could it be real?

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