Nothin’ But a UCD Thang Pt. 4
Kevin Cheng  

Nothin’ But a UCD Thang Pt. 4

February 27th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: 12 Comments

Ah the conclusion to our first story arc, and also to our double sized comics. Good riddance I say, for I have lost enough sleep drawing twice as much as usual. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little fun with some industry players. The nice thing about having a fairly tight community is that you have a specific set of people that most will recognize. For those who were in the comics, please don’t sue us. We’ll buy you a drink at one of the conferences we’ll see you at.

Peter Merholz, Mark Hurst and Christina Wodtke, considered by some to be gurus themselves, all chimed in last week on the general thread thus far. Each brought up interesting points on why HCI and Usability gurus cannot or should not offer more evidence in their publicly digestible advice columns and articles. For my part, I’ll conclude our discussion with my take on these reasons and how valid I feel they are.

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Tom Chi  

The Pen is Mightier… than the mouse?

February 27th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: 9 Comments

I’m pretty psyched to report that this comic was done completely using Wacom/Tablet technology. Tablets have certainly been in the news in the last year or so, but to date, consumers have been slow to adopt them. I think this is largely because the range of software that is optimized for pen operation is still small. This leaves people trying to use the pen on software that was designed for a mouse, and that experience is suboptimal.

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