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7 Responses to “Design Advice”
Steph wrote:

is that not what experience designers are for? :(

Filipe wrote:

oh! It happens everywhere!!

Gabriel wrote:

This blog is wonderful. I feel like it reflects my own experience. I can give more advice than that…

Joe wrote:

I’m assuming that the cartoon isn’t near the top of y’all’s list anymore. I’m hoping that’s ‘cause you’re extremely busy with billable work!

Nadee wrote:


Love your work. I’ve even subscribed to your RSS feed. Haven’t seen an update recently. Are you guys doing something new and big or really busy with ‘actual work’ as the previous post has mentioned?


Rachel wrote:

I feel dirty…I’ve been in the same situation and done all of that before!

Gio wrote:

Hahaha! I love that comic. Although I’d probably jump at the chance to do those things like office redecorating, since it’s my cup of tea.

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