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Workshops For Everyone!

October 18th, 2007 by Kevin Cheng :: 2 Comments

Hark! We’re back (again). There’s really no excuse for our hiatus but it feels good to have another comic out. We’ve put together a few scripts that are pretty quality and should last us through at least through the rest of the year. One hopes.

Of course, there’s always a deep, dark, underlying ulterior motive when a comic comes back from the depths of the internet void – shameless self promotion!

As it turns out, both Tom and I are separately teaching some workshops in the near future and would love to see some of you there. I know, you’re thinking, “you draw comics, what do you know?” Well, there’s really only one way to find out!

Influencing Strategy by Design
All day seminar taught by Tom Chi and Luke Wroblewski
Communicating Product Concepts with Comics
taught by Kevin Cheng at UI12 in Boston

Let me give a quick run down of our workshops …

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