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Kevin Cheng  

The Expert Has Spoken

May 18th, 2007 by Kevin Cheng :: 11 Comments

Jakob “[Nielly][1]” Nielsen recently was [featured on BBC][2] discussing how Web 2.0 sites designed for user generated content were often ignoring basic design principles.

It’s not that anything he said was necessarily _wrong_. Every new beta site out there seems like it’s been focusing more on flashy transitions than actual utility. But what struck me was how little impact Nielsen, and many others, have now on the blogosphere.

It used to be that every [Alertbox][3] article posted would be widely distributed or discussed. Nowadays, and perhaps this is only from my perspective, it seems the effects are awfully muted.

I’m wondering if this is simply another effect of blogs providing voices for so many more experts or is the concept of an expert becoming archaic?

Speaking of blogs, did you know that [MC Hammer][4] has a blog? I’m so out of it.


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