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We’re Not Dead Yet!

February 20th, 2007 by Kevin Cheng :: 14 Comments

Sorry about the extended absence everyone. Contrary to [some theories][1], we’re [not dead yet][2] but appreciate the concern. We’re hopefully back on schedule now. Things have been rather hectic as you might imagine. Not that I’m using it as an excuse but there’s definitely some announcements to make.

A quick update of what’s been happening in the world of Kevin and Tom. Well, I helped out in the launch of a product called [Pipes][3] and Tom nearly died over the holidays (but he’s ok now).

In other news, I’m running another workshop on [Communicating Concepts Through Comics][4]. This talk has been well received over the past year in various venues and I’m seeing more and more companies using the methodology and smoe have even started [creating templates][8].

The workshop will be a full day affair that teaches the technique in depth and - you don’t need to know how to draw! Reviews of last year’s workshop were very positive but we haven’t had a ton of registrants this year so we may end up canceling it. If you’re considering this workshop at [IASummit][5], [register sooner rather than later][6]. You can check out the [full workshop description][7].

But if you just want regular snarky design comic goodness, come on by every Friday (Pacific time, at least).


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Creating Conceptual Comics : Kevin's workshop at IASummit on using comics to convey product ideas. No drawing experience required but participants definitely required! - 1 Comment

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