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Kevin Cheng  

Design is Not Original

December 13th, 2006 by Kevin Cheng :: 12 Comments

Here’s a timeline of a recent buzz between Yahoo! and Google. First, Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! discovers that Google has taken Yahoo!’s IE7 upgrade page and cloned it almost identically - down to having the same image with a Yahoo! toolbar blurred out. Then, it got covered in TechCrunch, , Digg, etc. Robert Scoble offers some unsolicited advice on how to handle the situation and in doing so, spurs Matt Cutts of Google to respond by first saying it’s unacceptable and adding that Yahoo! has mimicked the sponsored search designs that Google has implemented multiple times.

Matt’s response is a little lacking in class because it’s distinctly an, “ok, I’m sorry, but you still smell funny and I want to get the last word in,” kind of apology. Especially when his point isn’t even valid.

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