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Luke Wroblewski  

Strategy with Design

August 11th, 2006 by Luke Wroblewski :: 10 Comments

_Luke Wroblewski is a product designer, strategist, and author. He is currently the Principal Designer of Yahoo! Inc.’s Social Media group and Principal of LukeW Interface Designs, a product strategy and design consultancy he founded in 1996. Luke has authored a book on Web interface design principles titled Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability and numerous articles on design methodologies, strategies and applications including those featured in his own online publication: Functioning Form._

From [BusinessWeek][1] to [Davos][2], design is being heralded as an essential contribution to successful corporate strategy and innovation. But it wasn’t that long ago that many corporations only thought of design as a way to “make things pretty”. So what’s changed in the last several years that gave designers a seat at the boardroom table and why do we have technology and information overload to thank for it?


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