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4 Responses to “Clippy to the Rescue”
Yong Ming Kow wrote:

This is an excellent example of ‘users not knowing what they need!’ It is so difficult for users to come up with innovative and effective ideas. Unless they have put these ideas to work and customized these innovations. Else, asking users what they think is a good idea is only likely to elicit ‘defensible’ yet ‘may not be usable’ results.

Ron Zeno wrote:

It’s also a good example of “usablity testers” not knowing how to usability test! While they’re at it, why not show the test participants the source code for the product to see if they can find bugs? ;)

Andrew McFarlane wrote:

“Clippy to the Rescue” is also an excellent example of a comic that turns your screen the color of whatever you happen to be drinking at the moment. Bravo!

Romerican wrote:

Example? Haha… no, kids, it was just hilarious!

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