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Ajax 99% Bad

December 6th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng ::

Chris McEvoy’s clone and spoof on Nielsen’s original Flash 99% bad article - and just like Flash, it’s really about execution more than the technology being bad.

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Dmitry wrote:

Actually, it’s a spoof of Nielsen’s anti-frames article rather than the anti-Flash one. It’s an easy mistake to make though, given the number of technologies that have incurred Nielsen’s wrath over the years. :)

leftie frile wrote:

I think the arcitle is just sad. Mr McEvoy clearly is just trying to get some publicity. The article it self if filled with useless assumtions and just not correct statements.

You can use Ajax in a number of ways without breaking accessibility, print or navigation. It obvious that Mr McEvoy never has dived into Ajax or ever tried to develop a solution which uses Ajax. I am not saying Ajax is the solution to all the webs problems, but what Mr McEvoy writes is just plain wrong and he realy should keep his mouth shut and get his facts straight.

When all he wants to is to get his name out on websites he should trying taking his clothes off, rather than writing bad articles without any real substance.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

I think you’re missing the point of satire, leftie. It’s first a satirical jab at Nielsen’s sometimes overgeneralized rants and secondly a satirical jab at how poorly many ajax sites have been implemented or just done for the sake of using the latest buzz technology. McEvoy has also been running the Userati site for a long time as a fun experiment which I feel is more a labour of love than anything. We make fun of Nielsen, too (among many other things) which I guess is why I think of it as what it is - rather humourous.

Chris McEvoy wrote:

Kevin, coming from you I think “rather humorous” is praise indeed. Thanks.

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