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Yahoo! Maps Beta

November 2nd, 2005 by Kevin Cheng ::

The new Yahoo! Maps beta is Flash based - though there’s an AJAX version for API developers shown in their Yahoo! Maps Application Gallery.

8 Responses to “Yahoo! Maps Beta”
Dustin wrote:

Yea… It kicks ass.

nilettes wrote:

The back button is… well… back

Try it.

Dave wrote:

The concept is sounds, but I think there are 2 major design issues:
It is VERY unclear how to find a single address. I finally figured it out to use the directions spaces and just enter one address. But that is VERY counter intuitive. I instantly went to the “Find on Map” which does not accept addresses at all. Other people who I gave the site to said the very same thing. I even watched them try to use it w/o my coaxing.

Once a flag is created on the map there is no way to say clear this flag. It assumes that the session wants to keep the flag.

Ok, I couldn’t get directions betwen my house and word (Brooklyn to Manhattan) … What the heck is that about?

Also, I think that, and I’m dying for this!!!! that one of these map sites (anyone listening) combine public transportation directions with driving directions, or at least give the option to choose. There are trip planners for many public transportation systems out there, but very few have the mapping part right and most assume that you know what station you are starting at. When they don’t they give really bad results. So there is definitely a market here. A single source. Often I want to find an address and see it on a map and THEN find out how to get there or get from there. My first thought is to go to Google Maps for the map but then I have to go some place else (Hop Stop; or use “The Tube” on my treo) to get directions. (anyone want to do a mashup w/ me?)

On the positive side. I like the window in window piece a lot. I think it important to have this contextual view. And I REALLY do appreciate the presentation design of the interface and the level of sophistication to it. I know GMaps lives on simplicity but command line entry for maps just isn’t workin’ for me.

Oh! I REALLY do like the spirit of the “find on map” functionality I just think it needs more clarity. I love the idea of typing in a business or place name and Voila! it shows up on your map. Nice! Features like ATMs and other services is a nice touch as well.

kelvin wrote:

it just gets in my way and slows my computer

roger schmidt wrote:

Beta stinks; that is the most polite word that I am able to use to describe this. The print is too small for me to read, and none of my emails have been able to be delivered since I hooked up with this vastly inferior site.

roger schmidt wrote:

You are completely correct, Kelvin. It slows the computer to that of the movement of a sloth, and does not deliver any emails. Everything is not deliverable. Worst thing I have done on the computer is to convert to beta. How do I get back to the old-fashioned way that works?

mike calder wrote:

beta sucks

Roger wrote:

why can’t you just leave things alone, I like the other yahoo concepts, this one stinks and you make me want to use another server; ok, I enjoyed the other yahoo classic; ok;

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