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Tactiva - Minority Report Interface (mov)

October 9th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng ::

Wayyy back, we joked about the Minority Report UI - well now there’s a haptic input device with feedback that I must say, had me drooling.

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Dan Sandler wrote:

My favorite part of this demo comes at the end: the two-handed zoom-and-rotate. So intuitive, you sort of subconsciously see it coming before it happens, so that the end result is both astonished surprise and deep satisfaction.

Daniel J. Wilson wrote:

Wow! I’ll buy us some bibs!

Usabilist wrote:

Looks very interesting. It will not have the “minority report effect”, because the area where you move your hands is small. There is no much difference to a mouse.

One thing is still doubtfull: wouldn’t those hand-shadows on the screen be a big annoyance?

Jay wrote:

That is awesome! I’d love to try one.

Usabilist: I suspect you need the hand-shadows to help coordinate your hands with the location of items on the screen. In case it wasn’t obvious, you are manipulating a pad that is external to the display.

Michalis Kamburelis wrote:

This seems like greatly improved TouchPad. I see it like this: TouchPad *could* be great, but it is not, because TouchPad tries to closely emulate behavior of a mouse. So you have exactly *one* mouse pointer on your desktop, and this pointer is always visible, and you can move this pointer and click something under the pointer.

Software that will handle TactaPad will have to realize that there are from 0 to 10 pointers at any time moving on the desktop.

In normal situation human would have a problem, because when you’re not pressing your finger to the TactaPad, then software can’t precisely track position of your finger on the screen. But this problem is solved by showing “hands’ shadow” on the screen.

Really, I’m incredibly impressed, this is a great thing. Although it needs software support to really work that great. With the TouchPad, software “sees” TouchPad as a normal mouse. No need to modify XWindows or GTK just to handle TouchPad. With TactaPad, software will have to “see” something different to really provide all the benefits of TactaPad.

(Side note: hmm, actually why should we be constrained to only our 10 hands’ fingers ? We also have feet, so we get additional 10 fingers to use with TactaPad. Moreover, males will get 1 additional body part to operate with TactaPad :) Sorry, I couldn’t resist :)

Mike Purvis wrote:

This is really amazing. Quite apart from the ability to have multiple cursors in the apps that support it, even having instant “jump” in existing apps would be terrific. Left hand on the toolbar, right hand on the workspace.

The other idea I find intriguing is the notion of having a “keyboard” integrated into the whole business. Could the raised F and J bumps be on the center of the touchpad, for easy location by the index fingers? Whenever a text field is highlighted, you could simply “type” on the tactile pad, until you perform a gesture or whatever to “finish”. Strikes me as interesting.

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