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Nintendo Revolution Controller

September 18th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng ::

A teaser video for the controller of Nintendo’s upcoming console looks like it features motion detection and all sorts of other fun stuff. Eye-toy + light gun + more. I’d like to see how they user tested these.

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Drew wrote:

That is BRILLIANT. It looks like they’re trying to translate the unusual interactions of the DS to the next console, multiplying the types of games they can develop and probably broadening the appeal of the console even more. AND it’s wireless, and it doubles as a remote control to play into the comprehensive entertainment device idea. Love it.

Jill wrote:

Good points Drew-I hope it is used in serious games too ::

“Go do something cool.” Here’s the challenge, then: go make the SimWorldchanging/Change the Planet game. That would be very cool — and very useful.!!!

From worldchanging today 11/6/05: :
The Serious Games Summit took place this last week…We talk with some regularity about the use of games for educational and “non-entertainment” purposes, and the Serious Games Summit covered the issue in some depth. (Previous “serious games”… include A Force More Powerful, climate games, Food Force and — of course — SimCity.)

and a past post…
“Shall We Play A Game?” — WOPR, War Games (1983)

I have a particular affection for games that allow one to contemplate the end of the world. It’s not quite terriblisma, as I don’t get a particular thrill out of losing; it’s more of a sense that, with the right combination of risk, foresight and luck, the worst outcomes can be avoided. The tougher the challenge, the more satisfying the success.

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