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Usability Sprint

August 18th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng ::

“At this event, we will apply and refine the methodology on concrete, free (libre) / open source (FLOSS) software projects, focusing especially on users from nonprofit organizations.” Hey you know, that’s really cool. I was ALL OVER this idea and we’ve talked about doing stuff for non-profits. Guess what though? Monday to Wednesday 9am to 6pm, most professional practitioners are WORKING. Maybe next time, they’ll do it more like BarCamp.

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Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

Hi Kevin. We did our last sprint Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and that worked well. We proposed the same dates this time, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday worked better for folks. Many professional practitioners, as it turns out, are consultants, and many considered participating “working,” which I think is outstanding. I would love it to work like BAR Camp; in fact, the process is self-documented and under a Creative Commons license so that anyone may do a usability sprint. In any case, I’ll be at BAR Camp, and will look forward to continuing the conversation there. Would love it if you could participate in the next sprint.

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