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July 19th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng ::

Speaking of online newspaper registrations, here’s an interesting (though not necessarily good) interface for reading of print papers. It also requires registration for anything beyond the front page but covers pretty much any major newspaper (from 225 countries apparently).

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TheMatt wrote:

I keep thinking if I had a TabletPC and money and time, I could get into that site. As for now, I just satisfy any yearnings with the Newseum’s Front Page gallery:

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Funny you should say that. I use a TablePC and I didn’t even think about using the site that way. I feel that while applications are designed for use with a mouse, the Tablet will always be substandard. Applications like Alias Sketchbook or ArtRage are incredible because they were designed around the advantages of a tablet.

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