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July 8th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng ::

While we’re on the subject of things Tom and I have been up to, check out Eets, a puzzle game that both Tom and I contributed to. It’s just a demo version right now but great fun, especially for those that remember The Incredible Machine or Lemmings … and yes, there are some usability issues that are being worked on.

4 Responses to “Eets”
Tom Chi wrote:

In truth I do play way more

amrita wrote:

tried it out… lot of fun..especially like the characters my fave is the choco cloud..oh i wish!!!

Dani wrote:

where can I get the full version?

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Dani, you should check on the forums at for information and announcements. For the moment though, no full version has been released yet.

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