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Survey Shows More Bloggers than People

May 9th, 2005 by Tom Chi ::

Seriously though, the ‘blogging phenomenom’ is pretty overblown, no?

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John Franklin wrote:

Well, when it hits the cover of BusinessWeek, it probably is. And when my company is doing it, it probably is. But then I consider how few people - to your point last week - know what RSS is or how to use it (notwithstanding that its lack of usefulness and usability). And I start to wonder. Over-hyped, sure. But there’s definitely something going on, right? Newspaper circulation is declining along with network viewership, yadda - meanwhile broadband and all that goes with it (including blogs) is burgeoning. And there’s still a large lack of awareness or participation re: blogs from the average person on the street. Hard to say if it adds up to anything concrete, but it’s definitely different than a few years ago. I defer to those that’ve blogged since then…but I’d be amazed if this turned out just to be a fad.

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