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5 Responses to “Greenfield With Envy”
Dave Ballantine wrote:


AG wrote:

You know, I hate to come across as the guy with no sense of humor, but that’s a totally unfair characterization of the things I’ve said.

If all you’re going after is the cheap laugh, fine, but you’ll understand why I think your framing of the argument is tendentious and misleading at best.

Celia wrote:

Oh, come on. You write like a pompous dick, attacking randomly, saying “IAs are too nice”, complaining you don’t like the Idea conference because Peterme insulted you, then saying it just doesn’t interest you. You impersonate your biggest critic on BoxesandArrows, then say it was a computer mistake. You complain that IA’s aren’t interested in “whatever we say it is” and don’t research the research you are interested in… they nailed your ass.

It’s parody. Be glad someone thinks you are important enough to make fun of.

AG wrote:

Hey, you know what, Celia? I’ll take you seriously when you have the guts to sign your comments with your own name. Until then, I’ll pay about as much attention to you as I do to anyone who snipes impotently from the sidelines - which is to say, none a’tall.

Celia Fiennes wrote:

heehee you paid attention to me, by replying. Every action you make belies your words.

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