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4 Responses to “Lowest Common Denominator”
Amanita wrote:

Ironic that that picture was so large it broke my layout when reading through LiveJournal and forced me to scroll side-to-side for an entire page of ‘Friends’ entries.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

technically, that means the LJ site was designed too strictly ;) the alternative is that we could make the feed not show images and you have to come here to see the comic but people seemed receptive to having the comic in the feed.

Mike wrote:

Better to gauge your target audience than to assume about them. I have an 800x600 rule for all posts on Tracking shows a lot of users on that rez.

On the other hand, is 1024x768. Tracking shows most users on at least that rez.

Amanita wrote:

Don’t mind me being bitchy :) Normally I’m working at a much higher resolution, but my graphics card burned out and I’m exploring the wonderful world of 800X600!

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