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lemon wrote:

tap tap tap

little mister Locke wrote:

Arguably, he’s doing more on the laptop than he would be on the TV. Not only does a laptop requre more input, but his brain is using more glucose just processing the information he finds on line.

On the other hand, I don’t see a remote. Therefore, he would either have to get up and turn on the TV, or else he would have to find the remote. Both of these actions expend more energy than simple laptop usage.

Not that there would be an even exchange of energy anyway. He’s already consumed about a cup of cola, which is about 100 Calories. Furthermore, he has four potato chips on him. Now, figure there’s about a 1 in 8 chance you’ll drop a potato chip and not pick it up, he’s eaten about 32 chips, or roughly 300 Calories. There’s no way a little walking or typing would burn that.

julian wrote:

Oh Slashdot.

little miss demosthenes wrote:

slashdot is a piece of shit, and i’m not even kidding. i used to frequent it when i was 12, and i stopped when i was 13. it’s a maturity thing.
the only thing that smells worse than /. is my dog. unfortunately, i do not have a dog, but i do have several wild mathematicians. (oh man, they shit a lot. i had to deal with trash like long lines, another proof of merten, crypto, functors, and their mother’s version of the hausdorff space) all of them love purina to the point of no return. i mean, that’s all *i* feed them. do you see me rushing out to buy iams? omg, don’t even *start* that. (insert indignant sniff) as if lucent technologies isn’t enough. i hope they die soon. not you, lucent. my pets, if i can call them that.



little miss demosthenes wrote:

wait. i went back and i read the prompt. i need to post a website or something that wastes my time. well, considering i really don’t have official business to tend to, i never get frustrated when i waste my time because i’m not wasting any time. what am i, a miser? i don’t scrunch time for important tasks like Eating A Banana In Less Than Ten Seconds or Cutting Your Toenails And Throwing Them At Your Neighbor. as for me, a site that you can never get enough of:

oh arXiv.

little mister Locke wrote:

I have to say I’m a little disappointed by your second-to-last comment (slashdot is a piece of shit…).

Not only does “the only thing that smells worse than /. is my dog. unfortunately, i do not have a dog…” make you sound about the age at which you stopped reading /., but /. is still filled with enough fun articles to give any old school hacker fun ideas for his or her next hack.

You redeem yourself, however, in that link you posted. I actually started drooling when I was reading the titles. I’m gonna get real high and read all of it.

John “Peter” Locke

little miss demosthenes wrote:

you know what? getting real high sounds like a great idea right now. it’s a pity i have some powerpoint i have to fabricate because i’m masquerading as ganieda at our little ‘reunion’ in english. i mean, i’m okay with being merlin’s twin and all, but the powerpoint idea doesn’t exactly enthrall me.

slashdot is only a piece of shit because so many people overrate it. i mean, it’s a decent source for cs news. not all of their articles suck. though the crackpottery in the other sciences portion puts me off, and the excessive lord of the flies type karma system is pointless, that’s not really why i dislike it so much. it’s just, i hear all my friends yapping about it from sunset to sunrise (then they have school, so there’s no one to share the slashdot goodness), glorifying everyone who posts there - making them out to be geniuses, or at least demi-gods. excuse me? so three-syllable words and namedropping references to the nsa suddenly equal genius? strange! i never knew i was a genius! (demie strangely gets a coughing fit. where did that come from? hairball!!)

the fact that slashdot is tantamount to the cheerleading table at school for hackers unnerves me. people spend so much time reading it (only to read the same article twice without knowing it, or reading the same content word-shifted in a paraphrased sense), commenting in it (only to be disappointed that theirs was rated only a 4, not a 5), submitting articles to it (only to be rejected), and quoting from it to make themselves look credible and smart robs time away for actual productivity. why do you think people stop programming?

you say, mister locke, that it’s a wondrous haven for an old school hacker to get ideas for his or her next hack? sir, ideas don’t come from one place. i understand and respect your opinion on /., but that statement doesn’t really support your argument. i’m sure conversations regarding the np-complete issue take form only in princeton, as i’m sure purling only occurs in southern california. ideas can come from a tube of toothpaste. i know this because i was reminded of something when I smeared a green cleansing glob on my brush, and i’m writing a whole chapter in my novel thanks to that same glob. so you want to hack? go ahead, hack. anytime. anywhere. lots of people get ideas from slashdot, but a lot of other people get ideas from their mothers too.

i really want another comic strip next week, so i compiled a list of other time-wasting sites, if wasting time actually means anything to you.

i know they’re pretty generic. i have several other sites that are much more personal; they take up a lot of my online time too. but they won’t mean anything to a random person, and i think i was supposed to list universal webbies.

mmk, party’s over. back to the powerpoint. latah, bitches.

hey, by the way, bro?

don’t call me sis.

little mister Locke wrote:

I never said slashdot was the source for ideas. It’s a source. Ideas come from everywhere, and you sound like you know it.

I think you’re overreacting to the social-class-aspect of slashdot. There’s nothing wrong with going up to the cheerleader table and just listening. No one can see you if you don’t talk. Just take your information and run like hell, dodging all the idiots trying trying to break into the cheerleader’s group.

I don’t see what’s wrong with Wikipedia, Wolfram, or Weather. They’re all useful sites, filled with useful information. You might not use them all the time, but the content is decent.

Sorry I called you sis, sis. What would you prefer I called you?


little miss demosthenes wrote:

nothing’s wrong with the aforementioned sites. they’re just major time-sinkers for me and possibly others as well. in fact, i love all the sites i posted.

dodging idiots gets annoying after a while. i’d like to read my information in peace, thank you. of course, a bit of playing along never hurts: if you can’t dodge an idiot, you can pretend like you are one and save yourself the heartache. after all, it’s you against the masses, and that makes a hit-and-run fling terribly hard. perhaps i should try that sometime. you know, an experiment for psychology class, or algo así. then i can gladly read everything, idiocy included, and make fun of it in the most obscene way possible. my life would be complete. all i need is a bowl of mint chocolate-chip ice cream and entrance tickets to mit.

i think you should call me by my name in real life. ’sis’ just feels a bit patronizing.

little mister Locke wrote:

Would Demi be appropriate? Furthermore, are we the idiots of this site?

little miss demosthenes wrote:


h0 wrote:

“Furthermore, are we the idiots of this site?”
Yes, you flamers. :-P

I would definitely have to agree that Wikipedia is a HUGE timesink. Enlightening, but a timesink.

Andrew wrote:

I might not know it, but I spend my time playing games.
Because Atomic Poker is fun and all their games are well made.
Twizt & Turn and Honey Hunt makes me think “just one more time”.
ACRO-phobia is still the best game on-line, though I miss the old days.
Kung Fu Chess is just plain insane!

Dustin wrote:

/* by-passed all the nonsense */
i feel completely the same way when i’m on my laptop and there is no (real) work to do. filtering through bloglines…checking my feeds, toying with the idea of a blog redesign…yea, that happens every other day.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

acrophobia! those were the days when berkeley games had “you don’t know jack online” as well! ahhhh

Andrew wrote:

Yeah, You don’t know Jack rocked! Though some questions were more than a little hard if you, like me, live in Sweden. For some reason acro-phobia is much easier since learning a language is one thing, picking up all the pop-culture you need to get some of the questions in YDKJ is another…

Boaz wrote:

Acrophobia is indeed the best game on the web. Here’s a great place to play it: Acrowars - Play Acrophobia Online!

Misha1x wrote:

Or you can play acro on gamegardens, just download and install it, it’s more like the old one and in case you don’t already know you can also play it on acrochallenge. If you like acro you will love pseudobabble and farragomate, they are both similar to popcap’s old psychobabble! just add the www in the beginning and the . com at the end of these websites to visit them and checkout these games. Have fun!

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