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3 Responses to “First Things First”
Julian wrote:

I didn’t even notice these until Kevin mentioned.. so I’m going to try to type up what I can read:

___: Supports Linux
Need to have: Customizable smells
Should have: include developer easter eggs
Must have: page with Dev Team Credits

Gold plating: Login page is hidden
Gold plating: Purple and yellow unreadable
Gold plating: Action buttons missing
Gold plating: Vocabulary must be simplified
Gold plating: Search button should search
Gold plating: Text is too small to read
Gold plating: 3-D immersive menu is complex
Gold plating: Don’t force refresh every second
Gold plating: Combine 15 edit windows

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Those are pretty much all accurate. Hope your eyes didn’t get worse from that, Julian! Since the others are nearly illegible, I’ll give them out:

___: Timeout is too short
Should have: 100 parameter searching

That’s about it actually. I typed a full list and then had to erase some to fit the dialogue but alas, don’t remember what those were.

Julian wrote:

This comic was just featured at the beginning of my Intro to HCI class at CMU. We’ll get extra credit if you guys feature CMU in a comic. ;)

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