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iVan Twitters

May 26th, 2007 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

iVan has started to use [Twitter][1]! Go check it out and follow his deep (or perhaps not so deep) insights into the world of user experience. If you haven’t heard of Twitter before, it’s a service you access by web, IM, SMS or any number of third party program to both publish and receive people’s updates.

Call it micro-blogging if you will. [Other people][2] explain it far better than I do.

And yes, I have my [own Twitter][3] as well.


5 Responses to “iVan Twitters”
Mike wrote:

Umm… not wanting to be prudish, but you do know what ‘twat’ means, don’t you?

Sara wrote:

My teammates may laugh, but I’ve been checking in on the iVan Twitters. Great for a bit of fun before I have to start slogging through the daily grind of delivered code not to spec.. *grr*

on an unrelated topic -

have you seen the u tube “code monkey by Jonathan Coulton” rendition? It’s been a big hit with our team and on QA days we’ve started calling ourselves pixel monkeys instead of pixel counters.

…maybe material for a comic strip? ;)

Thanks for listening, S.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Mike: Yes, I also know what ‘twit’ means and always felt the name, Twitter was a bit dumb. Yes, it’s deliberate. Yes, some don’t seem to understand why.

Sara: Yay! Glad somebody’s reading iVan! =) Will check out the video.

Lise A wrote:

I’ve been reading through the archives. All the pictures seem to be missing. Is there some workaround?

Lise A wrote:

Aha! When I reached March 2005, things seemed to start working. But still: is there some way to reach the old graphics?

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