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No Comic This Week

July 3rd, 2006 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

The lack of comments suggests that maybe people didn’t notice but … there’s no new comic this week. As some of you know, I am soooo digital that the comic is entirely drawn on my Tablet PC. Unfortunately, what this means is that I need a Tablet PC to actually draw the comic. I seem to have managed to not only misplace the super special pen that comes with the tablet but even the uber uber secret backup pen that lives in the battery compartment of my computer (I kid you not).

Call it a holiday break for Canada Day (observed by me) and Independence Day (observed by Tom). We’ll be back soon. Pens are coming in the mail as we speak.

16 Responses to “No Comic This Week”
a wrote:

When do the “job listings” get updated?

Alan wrote:

That’s OK. I don’t expect one every week; it’s more of a nice surpise whenever I see a new strip!

I thought one of you was from the UK… I guess someone moved. (Genius deduction of the hour)

Kevin Cheng wrote:

The job listings page is also in the works for a revamp.

The comic _is_ meant to be every Friday and it has been for the most of the 2.5 years so really you should be expecting one every week.

And yeah, I was in the UK and Tom was in Seattle but we’re now both in San Francisco … and I’m Canadian hence the Canada Day reference.

Alan wrote:

I didn’t mean to criticize or say they don’t come enough. I just never figured out the pattern. Lol

Tim wrote:

I really enjoy ok-cancel and I was hoping to see a new comic soon… I’ve known the comics are weekly for ages (since a lecturer told the class about this site in 2004).
Reminisces: I really like the comic with the Cellphone that shoots down a satellite, and the Prius vs Hummer :-D

Olly wrote:

“uber uber secret backup pen” - you make it sound like something Dr. Evil would use :)

Tim wrote:

What is it with devices that need specific “pens” to work anyway?
What is so special about the pens?

Jesse wrote:

Although I did not notice that there was no new comic last week (I also have no idea when any particular TV show is on), I did feel a disturbance in my own personal mundane matrix that the deja-vous of the same comic two weeks in a row triggered. So what else did you change?

You guys are the Dilbert of UI.

Calybos wrote:

No problem; I just figured you guys were taking a vacation. Looking forward to the next toon!

Debbie wrote:

Hope the pens arrive soon! I’m paranoid about losing my Wacon tablet pen since I’ve heard they’re pretty tough to buy individually.

Gavin wrote:

Just thought I’d say how much I enjoy the comic - been using it as my desktop image for about 4 months now. Keep up the good work :) - when you get the pen obviously ;)

Gavin wrote:

Still no stylus?

Tim wrote:

Yay, new comic :-D
(An excellent thing at the start of the week… I should have really looked for a new comic yesterday though)

Tim wrote:

Not again :-(

Tim wrote:

Have the pens broken/disappeared again?

Brandon wrote:


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