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OK/LukeW: Drawing a Future Together

April 1st, 2006 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

__Update:__ Yes, it was an April Fool’s. Luke has a good rundown of what things we parodied, including some classy comments from the announcement.

We’re very proud to announce that OK/Cancel is now a member of the [LukeW][1] family. Tons more details below and a [press release][2] over at LukeW.

So, what does this mean for OK/Cancel? Well, lots, but it’s all good. It means that for the first time ever, we’ll be able to devote ourselves to OK/Cancel full-time. And with LukeW’s design resources, we’ll be able to do all sorts of juicy new features that would’ve been too expensive or difficult on our own.

But what about the scary stuff? Let’s go through some of the big questions…

__Is OK/Cancel going away?__

Are you kidding? We love OK/Cancel as much as you do and use it every day. The good news is that LukeW feels the same way, and they don’t want anything bad to happen to it.

Will I need to get a LukeW account?

You mean you don’t already have one? Ouch, tough crowd. The short answer is probably, but we don’t know when. Everyone learned from other acquisitions, and we have no intention of doing it unless it’s seamless and easy. Why do it at all, you ask? The benefits for us are huge: imagine comic humor tailored to your field of usability, information architecture, interaction design or visual design. It also means that we can then rely on all sorts of badass design resources within the company.

__Is there going to be a flood of long winded design essays that I don’t care about now?__

That’s a great question. Although we may have much more design related content available to you via LukeW, our main purpose is to make sure that you still get to see the good stuff… comics and commentary that matters to you and your industry.

__Are you moving?__

Lucky for us, LukeW is based in the Bay Area as well so no move will be necessary except perhaps our servers.

__You guys are big corporate sellouts!__

That’s not really a question.

__Fine… You guys are big corporate sellouts?__

If getting paid for doing what you love is selling out, guilty as charged. But know that nothing has changed our ideals, and we won’t compromise ourselves because we’re working at a large company. We’ve always been focused on making humorous and relevant content and we think that working with LukeW will make that a zillion times easier.

__Are you going to be funny now?__

We hope we have always been and will continue to be.

There are probably a lot of questions we haven’t thought of, so if your question isn’t answered, fire away in the comments. You can also take a look at the [press release][2].

[1]: “Functioning Form”

33 Responses to “OK/LukeW: Drawing a Future Together”
Dave wrote:


Josephine Smith wrote:

That’s awesome news guys! Keep up the good work!

Billie G wrote:

As a LukeW! acquiree myself (MS Paint), I would just like to welcome OK/Cancel to the family. :-) Looking forward to great things!

Chris L wrote:

Holy Crap on a stick. This just renewed my faith in LukeW.

Not Again wrote:

Crap. Time to find another user experience design webcomic. Suckage.

Eiko wrote:


Michael Arrington wrote:

Congrats. LukeW really gets the value of design + humor.

Noel wrote:

Good grief! I just started getting used to online comics. Now I’ll have to go and delete all my bookmarks and wait for Google to build something.

Andy Samberg wrote:

LukeW + OK/Cancel = Crazy Delicious!

Have My Doubts wrote:

Congrats, Kevin and Tom! I am happy for you. However, I can’t help but wonder how long it will take LukeW to make a bloated, unusable, garish, ad-filled mess of OK/Cancel :( I’ve heard of other usability and design web comics — I guess it’s time to start looking for a replacement.

Leslie wrote:

Yay! Congrats!

Charlie wrote:

A redundant congrats!

Lou R wrote:

Wow, I expected something like this, but I thought it would be Adaptive Path acquiring OK/Cancel. This being the case, I expect AP to introduce their own competing user experience webcomic soon. Probably frog design will jump on the bandwagon as well.

Steve Portigal wrote:

Fwip-Zoom! (the sound one makes to accompany the plane-just-flew-low-over-my-head gesture).

dk wrote:

Seeing as everything is dated April 1, I take this as an April Fool’s Joke by you Yahoo! tricksters? :-)

Chris Palmieri wrote:

Proof again that LukeW deep pockets are the only thing keeping them on the map, they haven’t had a good in-house idea in years!

Bob B wrote:

Does this mean LukeW will finally be a Web 2.0 company? I mean, you can’t even post comments over there. It’s like some sort of closed, tyrannical pre-1999 environment. With this acquisition maybe they’ll finally get some mojo and get hip to the idea of user-generated content. I hope Kevin and Tom don’t mind sitting in a cube now. BTW, do you guys have a decent company cafeteria over there yet?

H. M. wrote:

Most likely LukeW will take commenting away from Ok-cancel!

Chris McEvoy wrote:

Great Comic Switcheroo

Dustin Diaz wrote:

*puts hand against chin*

mfk wrote:

Oh man! That’s awesome! Congratulations guys!

Jon wrote:

OMG th4t 1s s0 rad!!!1111

a sweet april fools joke would have been to update the job listing

ouch. zing.

Dustin Diaz wrote:

I’m surprised so many folks took this seriously.

Ben C wrote:

i think this is the best indication that the market has peaked :)

Kat wrote:

that’s awesome! congratulations!

Andy Baio wrote:

This all sounds strangely familiar

uurf wrote:

best. april. fools. ever.

Chetana wrote:

Hey…hope it is just a co-incidence-April 1st! All the best with the new collaboration!

Mike wrote:

“LukeW Interface Designs is committed to being a major player in interface design satire.”

Precious. :P

Moi wrote:

Ben, I think you meant “puked.” :)

Still Waiting.... wrote:

“Are you going to be funny now?

We hope we have always been and will continue to be.”

britney wrote:

Congrats on joining the family. I like your site alot and plan on coming back many more times to see all the great stuff you have here!

CD Evans wrote:

Isn’t LukeW like one guy, by the name of Luke Wroblewski?

If it’s april fools, it’s pretty funny. If it’s true, that’s great, three people who are likely all avoiding martini parties, all taking the piss together. Wow, how european.

How about you count me in? Why don’t you merge with me, and I’ll be the token flame thrower? I’d be as happy as a dutch cow on a square island to be paid, even irregularly, to take the piss out of rediculous american sales language.

Trust me, you can pay me to take the piss. It will work. We’ll have a very practical reason to do it too! We can actually define the damn thing instead of making more bullshit expressions to sell poorly made crap!

How about it??? Buy me out!!!! Yah!!! ooooohhh!!! Do it do it do it!!!!

I’ll be the FLAME THROWER at the funniest IT circus act of all time…


(Some humour and reality checks required in it. Batteries are not included in these experiences, operations manuals are requirements to be translated. Some restricted expereinces do apply. Act now.)

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