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OK/Cancel Art for Red Cross

September 16th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

Those who know us will know that there is almost never any “original art” for OK/Cancel because I draw on a tablet PC and Tom colours digitally. We decided that there was no better time to break that trend than now. We’ve put up an original pencil sketch of Tomo and iVan on eBay for which all the proceeds will go towards the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Along with getting a signed original sketch, the winner will also get a colour print, also signed.

(As an aside, eBay and MissionFish sure made the experience hard for donating money. They had technical issues that prevented us from doing this earlier in the week. Also, you can also contribute by buying the shirt that iVan is wearing.)

Go place a bid now.

5 Responses to “OK/Cancel Art for Red Cross”
Lovely wrote:

WOW! Good job guys I’m happy you are giving to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

I truly hope you do as well as penny arcade did a couple weeks ago :)

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Yeah I have to be honest and say that it was Penny Arcade that inspired that idea. While I don’t expect ours to do nearly as well, I felt like it was definitely something we could also do and contribute with.

Garbage In, Garbage Out wrote:

Tira cómica sobre usabilidad

…a> he llegado a esta página con tiras cómicas sobre problemas de usabilidad: Ok/Cancel.

The Improvements wrote:


The comics on this site are a bit, should I say blah, but there are useful links, articles and resources. OK/Cancel :…

dien dan oto bmw wrote:

dien dan oto bmw


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