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More True Tales From the Usability Lab

September 30th, 2005 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

After hearing a number of rather amusing anecdotes that happen during usability testing, I thought it would be great to share those with others in comic form. We’ll occasionally be doing more of these in the future, whenever the fancy strikes, but first we need some good stories.

Awhile back, we asked about usability horror stories and Carolyn Snyder gave some gems from her experience. We want more! If you have a story to tell us of how boneheaded your design process was, or that usability test that went oh-so-wrong, or how executives torpedoed your well researched design because they didn’t like blue, we want to know!

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WC wrote:

We had a fire-alarm blare at 100 decibals during the middle of a timed task in a usability test. The poor participant was deafened and we had to interrupt the session to walk out to the parking lot for 10 minutes. Basically had to throw that poor participants data out too!

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