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Announcing Off Panel Productions

September 23rd, 2005 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

Two years and 4 days ago, we launched OK/Cancel, a comic strip about - of all things - usability, interaction design and information architecture. “Now I’ve seen it all,” some would say.

The results far exceeded our expectations. While we’d love to say we saw a hole that needed filling, we couldn’t really imagine how big that hole was. Two years later, we feel that we’ve learnt enough to make even more obscure comics - with some help.

I’m pleased to announce the official launching of Off Panel Productions. I’d say Off Panel is an online comic publishing company but that really doesn’t do it justice. The site, minimal as it is, will do a better job.

To give you an idea though, our newest member is Parry and Carney, a comic on … paleobiology.

“Now I’ve seen it all.”

3 Responses to “Announcing Off Panel Productions”
Dustin Diaz wrote:

So is this going to be like a thing where you allow multiple comic artists to submit their stuff to be added to a gallery? Will the comics need to be aimed toward any specific subject. What kind of audience will be looking at them? Copyrights? Etc…

I’m sure all these questions are too early to answer. Looking forward to an ‘about’ section :)

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Actually, each creator we sign on has their own strip and subject matter, published regularly. Parry and Carney is about paleobiology and its audience is people who would _get_ those jokes (I couldn’t understand half of what Keesey talked about in his first post). Just like OK/Cancel is not going to be funny for the majority of people even in technology, much less those who aren’t.

As for copyrights, we are creators and we value creative ownership. We’re not kidding when we say unprecedented ownership. We’re non-exclusive and creators own the copyright to all their work.

It isn’t too early to answer anything really. We have most of the answers in place but we just haven’t gotten to documenting all of them on the site.

huan-tzin wrote:

hey dude. god, what a great idea! I should get a portfolio or find someone who can draw - tales from a psychiatry ward is just RIPE! parry & carney are pretty funny too for an intense specialty.

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