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Testing OK/Cancel

March 11th, 2005 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

Speaking of tests… it was a hectic week at OK/Cancel headquarters, as we redesigned the site (the mouse is back!), and moved to a new infrastructure. Invariably there will be bugs, and you, gentle reader, get to discover them. :) Initially, we were going to outsource our testing to inexpensive asian labor, but soon realized that our calendars were already filled up! Anyhow, tell us what you think via comments, or email us about bugs you find.

7 Responses to “Testing OK/Cancel”
Wendy wrote:

Got an error:
Invalid entry ID ‘’ at mt-send-comic.cgi line 56.

When trying to email the comic to my work address (well, never got that far… just clicked email icon and got this error)

Alain Vaillancourt wrote:

My old bookmark didn’t work, still doesn’t. And yesterday somebody on the IxD posted a link to OK/Cancel and that didn’t work either. I was wondering if you had thrown the towel in. This morning (Eastern Standard) Kevin Cheng posted a link on IxD and it did work.

Tom Chi wrote:

Kevin was supposed to be remapping our old links to new, but he’s at SXSW right now, so it might take a couple days.

Mike Combs wrote:

My bookmark included index.html, and was broken by your redesign. As a quick fix, you might want to just put in an index.html page that redirects. I thought you were off the air.

Mike A wrote:

In Firefox your top nav ‘archive’ and ‘feature’ links seem to bounce me back to the home page.

Anita wrote:

Resources link takes me back to home page….could u check other links too….

Tom Chi wrote:

Yeah, I was just testing everyone… :) Ok, not really. I put in a redirect to fix Alain’s bookmark problem and it caused several regressions. Should be better now.

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