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Return of the HCI? UCD? Shirt

November 11th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

HCI? We Got It. UCD? We Got It. T-shirts on Usability? Yeah, We Got it. After surprising recent demand, the HCI? UCD? T-shirt is back. If the shirt seems a little bit of a non-sequitor, maybe you should check our HCI tribute rap song first and remember to turn up the bass. Laptop speakers won’t cut it. The other two shirt designs are also still available though our stocks are limited in each size. Make sure you order soon to get them in time for those HCI friends in the holidays!

4 Responses to “Return of the HCI? UCD? Shirt”
Brenda wrote:

Um… yeah. Placed an order for the Likert shirt back in September. Still waiting for it. Good thing I didn’t really *need* it.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Hi Brenda, sorry about the wait. We got the shirts from the printers last week and Tom has diligently sent out all the outstanding orders. You should be getting them within next week (depending on whether you’re an international order). If you don’t, definitely e-mail me.

Tom Chi wrote:

Should actually arrive today. Sorry about all the delays. :/

Kevin Cheng wrote:

I should mention that this is also why we set such an early Christmas ordering deadline - because we’re a two person operation and don’t have the speed that one expects nowadays from e-commerce. We do appreciate the patience all the early orders have had with us. Thank you!

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