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Firefox 1.0 releases

November 11th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

Although you probably heard from 100 other places, Firefox 1.0 is finally out. It’s like a huge fiery fox that eats our blue, blue world. If you load it up with some extensions it’s like pretty cool.

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Tom Chi wrote:

Forgot to mention that people are discussing it here:;sid=04/11/09/20391546

I mean not to divert our traffic or anything…

Tom Chi wrote:

Alright… here are more good extensions:,1558,1721458,00.asp?kc=ETRSS02129TX1K0000532

Tomer Chachamu wrote:

Unfortunately, RadialContext (a great extension) no longer works. It has a learning curve but once you get used to it it’s extremely quick to use, especially for the most common things (open link in new tab or window; copy URL; bla).

Rahul wrote:

It crossed a million downloads on day one.

BTW, you’ve miscapitalized Firefox in the post title.

Tom Chi wrote:

Whoops. Fixed the miscapitalization. Speaking of capital… I wonder if this will finally give IE a run for its money, and I also wonder whether the worm/adware writers are watching this as a new ‘market’ emerging.

TuringTest wrote:

Chachamu, don’t use RadialContext. Use the easyGestures, is a much newer and improved version of the same extension, and it’s now updated to Firefox 1.0.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

The extentions I use on my Firefox PR1 are:
Google Toolbar - Although Moz has a built in search box, I like the image search, translate to english and search within site buttons.

Tabbrowser - this is crucial to ensure you only use one browser window unless you instigate a popup. Lots of options for tabs like undo close tab and ctrl-click to close tab that I use as well.

Sage - RSS reader

Web Developer - so crucial. Has everything from edit CSS on the spot, view stylesheet, outline elements, validate page, etc, etc.

Tomer Chachamu wrote:

TuringTest: I don’t know why, but I just don’t like it. I’ve tried it on small, but still… ah well.

Kevin, you’re rather behind. :P

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Well I was hoping somebody would enlighten me with cooler extensions so I wouldn’t be so behind :)

noah wrote:

A buddy of mine on the PC was asking me about a project, which I told him involved some FTP. He didn’t have a client installed, but immediately says “I wonder if there’s a Firefox extension for that.” Yep. Downloaded, restarted, and boom — he was uploading files.

Firefox is sweet.

celeste wrote:

plese remove me from mozilla please

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