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Contest Winners

November 3rd, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

I should mention that we’ve held a few promotional things which we haven’t announced results for. Remember the cameo thing? Where if we use your strip idea, we’ll put you in a cameo? You’ll be seeing some of those soon. CHI Kids was an idea submitted by Carolyn Snyder and today’s one was submitted by Beth Martin. Incidentally, that offer is always standing. The free t-shirt draw for the idea submissions we’ve received so far will happen soon as well so get your ideas in!

The 1000th comment winner was Ian Hooper but he knows this because he’s already received his trading cards and stickers. We were actually at 999 comments for a day or two and the suspense was killing us. “Someone just comment already!” Good thing it wasn’t anonymous!

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Richard Saul Wurman wrote:

aww, I’d been trying to slide in there as 1000, but then my basement flooded….

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