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OK/Cancel Store Opens

September 24th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

As promised last week, we have more to celebrate our first year. The OK/Cancel Store is open featuring three T-shirt designs! We hope to add more designs and other merchandise in the future but it all depends on the demand for this set. Any feedback on the shirts are also welcome. If you have any questions regarding orders, please e-mail me or Tom.

8 Responses to “OK/Cancel Store Opens”
Joshua Kaufman wrote:

What? No XL? :(

Kevin Cheng wrote:

The power of commenting. All shirts now have X-Large size options. We look forward to your orders, Joshua ;)

Tom Chi wrote:

Woah, we changed the supply chain for just one dude?! That’s awesome.

Carolyn Snyder wrote:

Love the Likert one, but lemme get this straight - you think that hot women are gonna use the pink Likert t-shirt to troll for geeks? There’s 2 things wrong with your reasoning: 1) hot women get all the attention they want in any pink t-shirt, regardless of wording, 2) geeks want to broadcast their underlying romantic nature to any woman with a working brain. To that end, I think you should also offer the Likert shirt in blue, green, or any other geek-friendly color. Don’t get me wrong - I might still buy a pink one (in XL, thanks to Joshua :-) , but I wouldn’t want to be your only customer.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

See, Tom? Now it’s for TWO people.

To answer your question, Carolyn: we’re still looking into doing other colours of our designs as well as the same designs on different shirts but for the moment, this selection is what we’re sticking to in order to determine overall demand.

Len Conte wrote:

Hey, on that pink T - is 7 :) or :( …:):):)
you guys r 2 much, number 1 in usability, 7 on my Likert.

What no XML :)

joe wrote:

Although I’ve been horrible about promoting it, I’ve had available for awhile. A bit muted, the design’s one that we made available to our HCI team in Hamburg. Now I use the site for some non-HCI stuff, but still…
Your stuff is great!

Lada Gorlenko wrote:

Carolyn, feel free to be the second Pinky Likert owner :-)

Btw, HCI? UCD? design would work best on girls. Imagine the two words nicely placed exactly where geeky eyes focus… one on the right, another one on the left… You see! THAT’s how you make them pay attention to your… ummm… brain? ;-)

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