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OK/Cancel Sells Out

August 23rd, 2004 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

I had been writing up a fascinating piece about the rise and fall of browser-based vector graphics when KC tapped me to write a something welcoming our new advertising overlords. :p

No, but seriously, what do people think?

We are trying the Penny Arcade and PvP approach — offering ad-space to things we think are cool. Thus, you won’t see any animated monstrosities hawking debt consolidation or “free” screensavers packed helpful spyware (or spycams to help you make free screensavers!). Ideally, we want to provide ads for products and events that readers will actually find interesting, and we’re definitely open to any suggestions on what you’d like to see… Especially if it’s the new Dodge RAM 1500! (kidding)

One Response to “OK/Cancel Sells Out”
Kevin Cheng wrote:

I’d like to add a few points:

  • Whenever possible, we’ll draw the advertisements for the advertiser using our characters or others of their choice. I hope that will maintain a more consistent feel for the site and also make them make them more interesting to look at.
  • The third part of LL Spool J’s quest is now available.
  • Sometimes, we’ll go back to the Google ads as well.

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