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End of the Line

August 27th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

Today, I submitted my MSc thesis and, with the assumption that I pass that requirement, I have officially completed my MSc program. To celebrate, I’m going to get some sleep and then disappear for a week and a half. While I’m away, we’ll have a guest article for you from someone whose book I highly recommend you check out. We hope to have more guest articles from industry experts every so often that focus on what I call “The Lighter Side of HCI”. Of course, Tom will also be here holding the fort. See you guys in a couple of week!

2 Responses to “End of the Line”
RC wrote:

Hey, I noticed you do not have any minorities (Hispanics, blacks, etc.) in your comics. Is this intentional? BTW, some of your spelling is incorrect.


Tom Chi wrote:

Hm… no minorities except 2 out of the 4 main characters? — plus the 2 authors? You’ll probably see more minorities here than anywhere except “Boondocks” or “Curtis”. We certainly don’t intentionally exclude, and if there are HCI experts or HCI people that you feel we should pay more attention to, we’re open to suggestions.

As for spelling errors, I’m sure there are plenty throughout the site. Welcome to the web - where you get to be your own editor (even when you are rushing out the door to your long-awaited vacation). If you find especially egregious errors, you can send us a mail with the corrections… then some rainy day, we might look at fixing the lot of them.

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