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Comic Commenting

August 15th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

So I finally pulled together some free cycles to code and the result is the spiffy new button bar featuring: Comic Commenting! Now you can leave comments directly on a comic — just click that bottom left button:


Since this and the button bar are new, there probably will be bugs… afterall I didn’t test Opera, Safari or Lynx(!) So if you run into problems feel free to contact Kevin with bug reports. Excellent.

4 Responses to “Comic Commenting”
Marius van Dam wrote:

The comments bar look like this in safari:

Comment (1)


Email Comic


No icons, no buttons, just a few words.

Good luck! Css can be a bitch :)

Teebo wrote:

Works in konqueror.
Comic commenting with lynx. Thats paradox ;-)

Marius van Dam wrote:

It’s fixed! In Safari it works fine now.

Tom Chi wrote:

Yeah, I think the problem is that the button bar is CSS, which browsers tend to cache. If your browser is using the old CSS, the buttonbar will appear without formatting (still accessible though!).

Just reload a couple times and it should come up right. :p –maybe not in Lynx, but still.

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