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T-Shirts are here!

June 4th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

Ok, actually we’re still designing them… and here’s your chance to help out! KC put me in charge of doing merchandising development — which I would be awesome at — but I have a bad case of designer’s block. You can check what we’ve come up with so far [here]

Beyond these, we are planning an East Coast vs. West Coast shirt and (maybe) a Lotus Notes shirt. Take a look at what’s there, and leave a comment on what you like, and/or suggests for what you’d like to see. Is there a particular OKC quote or image that you found funny or shirt-worthy?

[KC Update 24 Sep 04 : They really ARE here now! OK/Cancel Store]

14 Responses to “T-Shirts are here!”
FooBar wrote:

Cyborg Mind Monkeys is great. It’s funny even for people who don’t “get the reference”.

The best image of that strip was in the last frame. If you could just keep on the t-shirt the monkey raising its fist juxtaposed with the robot arm it controls it would be sweet.

Emeli wrote:

Please! Make the t-shirts availible for BOTH men and women. We women prefer not only another size but a different design (form, smaller and slimer).

Or else we’ll only wear the t-shirts to bed :(

Michael Braly wrote:

Lotus Notes t-shirt

Tom at OK/Cancel is working on a new t-shirt design to promote the OK/Cancel brand. He has some ideas and is considering their Lotus Notes usability cartoon as well. Go put in your vote!…

Jez wrote:

Will the tees be available to those of us outside the US?

I liked the ATM comic - have you considered putting whole comics on the shirts?

Dey wrote:

Whole comics on the shirts are the way to go. I love the Spool v Nielsen (or east v west coast) comic. How about black tshirts? And will they be available outside the US?

Kevin Cheng wrote:

I’ve often been a fan of making the baby tees for women. As for different designs, not being the users ourselves, we could certainly use input on how these ideas we have so far are not suitable for women and what ideas might be.

Putting strips is definitely a possibility. Several reasons I personally am not a fan:

- We’d have to choose specific comics and everyone seems to have different “favourites” or we offer them at a higher price because we can’t produce a larger quantity.

- Comics are not usually read by people other than the t-shirt wearer and people very near to them.

- I like the idea of having the T-shirt medium as another outlet of usability/hci humour rather than just putting the same humour on a different canvas.

Of course, I can see the appeal to having the comics on the shirts, too so maybe we’ll do some combination of the two.

As for making them available outside the US, given that I live outside the US, I certainly hope so! We may have to charge a bit more for shipping but hopefully not.

Bob Salmon wrote:

I think on a T shirt the bolder and simpler the better (unless you like random people peering intently at your chest ;-) .

How about something like:

Keyboard error. Press F1 to continue.

UserFriendly: Interface Your Fears.


Escapee from the Lotus Notes Usability Lab.
(with UF logo etc.)


A picture of standard space aliens (greys) sitting around a computer, if at all possible made to look like the alien autopsy photos (but that’s less important). Caption = Lotus Notes Usability Lab.
(with UF logo etc.)

Maybe you could extend the Keyboard error one with some kind of historical hall of shame showing the development of excellent HCI - a way of getting this and Notes onto the same T shirt. (I’m a bit more vague about this one.)

I think that the East/West Coast strips are funny on the web site, but would be an in-joke on a T shirt. If that’s what you’re after then that’s great. If you’re trying to make random passers-by smile then not so good.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Can we get the real Bob Salmon back? Since when were we a daily black and white comic that talked about a bunch of tech support, Quake playing, unix loving guys and a talking dustball?

Seriously though, those are some excellent ideas. Keep ‘em coming. I had the idea for the Notes one, to have something like a black tee with the last panel in the middle of the T-shirt. Makes it look really barren and empty.

Bob Salmon wrote:

Ho hum. Sorry. Well, being confused with UserFriendly isn’t so bad. Brain-dead posts maybe are. I don’t know where the real Bob Salmon is, but when I find him I’ll point him your way. Until then you’ll have to cope with his evil (brain-dead) twin.

(Fans of Blackadder may want to insert a Bob/Kate joke here.)

Meri wrote:

How about some shirts with just:


on the back and the OK/Cancel logo with “Interface your Fears” on the front?

You could have a series, with special GURU edition for your celebrity fans… ;-)

Andrew wrote:

These shirts rock :)
I’ll take the bottom one!
How about mixing up one of Bob’s suggestions with the monkeys?

” Keyboard error.
Cyborg Mind Monkeys released in 10 seconds
Press F1 to cancel. ”
(centered for less legibility!)
A little long winded, and not really in the same vain as the HCI in-joke…

Mason wrote:

How about a little support for the non-HCI folks out there reading the shirt?

“It’s not your fault” on the back w/ logo on the front. (or vice versa)

Ethan wrote:

I like the cyborg mind mokey t-shirt but im against experiments in animals. Its just not a placent thing when they insert wires into your brain.

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