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April 16th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

Although I’m generally not a fan of partisan sites (which is how I ended up annoying Craig of craigslist), I’m going to put up a link to Along with Voter Virgin, and Rock the Vote they are achieving the very important nonpartisan goal of getting more eligible voters registered. Probably the most shocking fact about the 2000 election for me was the pitiful turnout. While everyone quibbled over a couple thousand ballots in Florida, few mentioned the 100 million people that just didn’t bother to vote. Generally, I’m very excited about the internet’s ability to elevate political discourse while simulataneously making it more accessible. I better stop the post here, however, lest Craig sends his vast armies to destroy us.

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Dave Meehan wrote:

For those interested in a light hearted look at politics, try See if you’ve got what it takes to beat the politicians at their own game!

Jeff Hunt wrote:

Umm, how exactly is a nonpartisan thing?

Tom Chi wrote:

Yeah, DrivingVotes is partisan while the other two are not explicitly partisan.

Audiophile wrote:

Increasing voter awareness is a good thing. Increasing voter turnout is not necessarily a good thing. It’s one thing to have people understand how government policies can/will affect the issues that they care about. It’s another to spin a bunch of lies and engage in general fearmongering in order to push uninformed voters to the polls.

drivingvotes is nothing more than a garden-variety partisan political web site with a map. How is this any different than any other political site that has the words “Vote For {Insert name of candidate here}”?

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