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SXSW Update

March 15th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

We won.Not the people’s choice unfortunately, but we won the humour/satire. Thank you all for your support. I’m going to go recover now. If anyone watched the webcast, please tell us how we were =)

7 Responses to “SXSW Update”
Meri wrote:


Happy for you guys — you deserve it :-)

Bob wrote:

Well done. Hope you can sleep now. Are we going to see “The award winning…” on the site any time soon?

Jared M. Spool wrote:

Congrats! You guys rock in my book. — LL Spool J

KC wrote:

Bob, I’m trying to find out if NewTek, the ones that sponsored the WebCast will make the video available but so far haven’t had much luck. We have some pictures and want to put some more content shortly into the forums. So many interesting discussion topics.

Keith wrote:

You guys really deserve it. Nice work and congrats!

Arthur wrote:

This is an awesome site, you guys really deserve the award!
Enjoy your time in Vienna.

Ben wrote:

Never a doubt in my mind. Nice trading cards, too! Put me in the waiting list for those!

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