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March 5th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

As we mentioned before, Tom and I are scheduled to attend a couple of events over the coming months. We will be in Austin next week for the duration of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive and next month in Vienna for ACM SIG-CHI.

Despite the lure of the almighty swag, we are primarily there to meet people in our field but in particular, we also want to meet our readers. So were putting out a request to ask if any of you are in charge of a booth at either of the conferences and feel like sharing some space for a day or two. We promise well stay skinny and take up as little space as possible. What wed like to do is meet some readers, shoot the breeze, and maybe even do some sketches for people and heck, maybe well have our own swag. If youre interested in sharing your booth, please shoot me an e-mail.Ive only been to one CHI conference and that was back in 2000 in Amsterdam. Tom went to the one in Seattle the following year. I cant speak for him but I had a great time and met a lot of interesting people there. I find myself so absorbed in my own little world sometimes that I forget just how big our field really is and CHI definitely acted as a reminder at the time.

Looking at the prices, the registration fee is definitely non-trivial but hopefully, many of you will at least be able to come on partial sponsorship from your firm or school. Students in particular should definitely take this chance to go since the price is a small fraction of what it normally costs. Early registration for CHI ends on the 10th at which time the price goes up, I believe.

SXSW promises to be quite different from CHI. Although Ive lived in Austin for a few years, I never managed to attend the interaction festival. I can definitely vouch for their larger Music and Movie counterparts to the festival so I have high expectations of it. Im sure the focus will be more towards industry than CHI and in particular, the web and blogging communities. Im looking forward to the weather that is trademark Austin if nothing else!

If anyone is attending either conference, let us know in the forum and maybe we can schedule some deep insightful conversations about HCI Gangstas whilst sampling the local treasures from the respective breweries.

Forum: Im going to CHI
Forum: Im going to SXSW

One more plug for those who havent (or even those who have but havent TODAY), todays the last chance to vote for OK/Cancel in the Peoples Choice awards. Go do it. Youll feel good about yourself.

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